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How To Write Comets* In 5 Easy Steps

People want to write comets for fun or for profit. And sometimes people ask me, “ECro, how might one go about the process of writing comets?” And I say to them, there are a few easy steps for writing comets. … read more

No Picture of the BEST. SANDWICH. EVER.

Carte Blanche, a food truck in Portland, Oregon, enthralled my taste buds so much so, I forgot to snap a picture of that delectable mistress.

This fact alone proves I’m a shite food blogger. Good thing I don’t pretend to … read more

Death Rattle Writer’s Festival

While reading my spun-up word yarns at Death Rattle Writer’s Festival, I only felt my hands go numb once.

This is the effect of anxiety and nerves on my body.  I’m used to its arrival; whenever I tackle a new … read more

Chemicals Coming Soon!

Back in the long dark of autumn and winter of 2011, this writer started the first draft of a high-concept, dystopian novel entitled Chemicals.  

While writing it, I listened to the EP Iron by Woodkid on repeat, ad nauseam, until … read more

I Want To Tup You Like An Animal

There are so many synonyms for “making the sex” in the English language that some don’t get the attention they deserve.  Take tup, for example.

I first heard the word escape the mouth of a Darryl Hannah who used … read more

Funky Borneo Cuisine You Must Try

‘Funky’ is used in the most endearing way possible when describing the cuisine of Borneo.

I like funky things, even food.  They possess pizazz, stick out in your mind, something more lasting and intriguing than a so-so burrito or a … read more

The Lion Pads In

The fifth book, The Lion, in my series tentatively titled The Zodiac Procession is finished.

Well, it’s finished in the sense of first draft finished.  I clocked in 76,000 words in 14 days.  I’ve had several friends tell me that … read more

5 Experiences in Bandar Seri Begawan

Sing it along with me, set to that famous hippie tune.  “If you’re going to Bandar Seri Begawan, wear some anti-stoning armor on your body.”

Yes, travelers, phase one of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s decision to bring the fun of sharia … read more

Writing Prompt #14 – All That Glitters

Sometimes, all that glitters really is gold.

Or so says a friend commenting on a picture posted on Facebook of her mug and mine.  I was in a gold jacket.  We both had grand smiles.  All was a’glittering.  Especially that … read more

Writing Prompt #13 – Out of the Forest Line

Forests are the settings for fairytale worlds and modern horror films.

It might be all that fecundity and mystery surrounding wooded places that gets the minds of creative-types churning out fantastical tales.  Many tales seem to be set in the … read more

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