Okay, I don’t actually live on this website page.  I’m not a digital life form.  Still, I hope you feel at home here.  Sit down, have a lemon wafer (lemon wafer not provided), and let the tabs above regale you with tales of…me.  I’m a writer, backpacker and condensed bit of sunshine.  I’m new to tackling writing as a career.  Please journey along with me as I learn how to navigate my fictional worlds, the actual world and the world that is inside the noggin of Erica Crockett (yes, I just switched to a third-person narration.  You’re welcome).

Recent(ish) Erica Crockett News

Kali Has A New Avatar.  And She’s Badass.

Want to read a webcomic but don’t have time to be bothered with weekly updates?  What to see gore, some baby skulls, some magic?  I have a suggestion.  Check out the monthly release of Kali, written by me, art by Jason Themm right here and at Fifth Dimension Comics.

Podcast Interview with The Way of the Comic Book Ronins!

I was lucky enough to talk with Doug Michel and Sean Pagan about plotting, Alan Moore and Play-doh.  Listen to how much fun we had by following the link!


Subterra: Go Underground is on hiatus!


For all of you that have been so patiently waiting for my first foray into a weekly online comic, the wait is over…sort of.  The script has been finalized and now it is in the most capable hands of Dennis Coyle III.  He carries the power of three previous Dennis avatars within him.  And he’ll use this awesome gift to bring TR, Bert and Akbar to life for you fine folks when time and whatnot allow.  For now, revel in the pinup.  Revel in it!  And if you like what you see, check out more of Dennis’s art at http://erasingpoint.blogspot.com/