Erica Crockett's debut novel is here. Chemicals delivers as a suspenseful, dystopian sci-fi thriller. Follow Aberdeen Childress through an America reeling from lack of pharmaceutical drugs, where terrorism and false hope rules society. She struggles to maintain balance, to save lives, and to survive in a world where salvation and destruction are intimately linked to chemicals.

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Boise Library Comic Con

Boise Library Comic Con August 29th!

The 3rd annual Boise Library Comic Con drops on August 29th! Be amazed and titillated and make your way down to the library that’s perpetually surprised (with that exclamation!) to get your fill of all things comic in Idaho.

I’ll … read more

anti-vaxxers, vaccines, immunizations

Anti-vaxxers Still a Thing…

Aren’t anti-vaxxers, like, so 2008?

I know they are still a loud, obstinate-in-the-face-of-overwhelming-evidence-to-the-contrary group. But anti-vaxxers must be a gaining adherents because a billboard campaign in my hometown has taken over the skylines above Boise buildings. Signs designate those who … read more

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Should We Stockpile Medications?

The situation I describe in my first novel, Chemicals, is nothing short of a “pharmaceutical apocalypse.” Drug cartel terrorists hit Big Pharma where it hurts: their medicine production and storage sites. This is a total wiping out of medicine for … read more

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The Fete Is Nigh

This is slowly evolving anthology of short stories 1,500 words or less. From time to time I'll post one of these stories here on the website or they might show up in a magazine or other print media.

The Blood Zodiac

Twelve books taking place over a calendar year in Boise, Idaho. Murder, myth and mayhem reign supreme in this cat and mouse serial killer, paranormal thriller. More news on this series and the first release, The Ram, later this year.


A debut novel about drugs, mental illness, and love set in a dystopian, future America. All delivered in a suspenseful, literary package. Learn more about Chemicals here.


Feral children, mandalas and over-population. A webcomic set in the future Indian subcontinent with a Hinduism-meets-Lord of the Flies tone. To check out finished pages, click here.


Three weirdos journey underground for power, riches, shits and giggles. A humorous, sci-fi comic series in the making.

What Weeds Are Thinking

Weeds have all sorts of bizarre thoughts. Artist Sarah Ragan Olson draws pretty plants and I write their crass musings. Coming Fall 2015.