6×6:Momentum Release Party Drops September 25th

6×6:Momentum was a team effort, bringing together those in the Boise community interested in creating comics, and the resulting product is 32 pages of entertaining success.

comic cover

Amber Nicole Jones’s fabulous cover art.

The cool kids at Mystery House Comics and my own imprint, Corvid Tear Media, got together nigh on two years ago and concocted an idea. Why not pair artists and writers interested in making comics or even veterans wanting more contact with folks just getting started in the industry and set them to task creating five-page short comics along a central theme? Good idea, right? Thus, 6×6 was born. Our first volume had creators setting stories to the theme of “feral.” This latest volume tasked them with following the theme of “momentum” and the creators rose to the occasion.

To celebrate the latest volume of 6×6 and celebrate the creatives involved in the process, Mystery House Comics and Corvid Tear Media are hosting a release party on September 25th from 6-9pm at Spitshade Tattoo in downtown Boise, Idaho. Those supportive of our local comic community and desirous to get their hands on their own copy of 6×6:Momentum can come down, chat up the creators, get their comics signed and feel good about being a cheerleader for Idaho’s indie comic scene!

Let me give you a taste of what resides in the pages of 6×6:Momentum.

Out of this world art by Mike Dreher!

Out of this world art by Mike Dreher!

“Supersonic Free-Falling in Love” was written by Ken Henningsen and illustrated by Mike Dreher. Tackling the emotions that make us human juxtaposed with the power of gravity, these guys crafted a comic both transcendent and familiar. With Mike’s crisp, eye-catching art and Ken’s sparse, carefully chosen words, “Supersonic” rides well on its own momentum.

comic, private investigator, noir

This lovely lady was inked by Jacob Bear.

“La Belle Rouge” was written by Elysium Jacks and illustrated by Jacob Bear. Elysium is new to comics while Jacob is a pro and the pairing produced a fantastical story of noir, shape shifting, and sexual tension. The dialogue is well crafted, the art rich and dramatic, and the constant “tick tock” of passing time moves the reader through five pages of robust plot.

Physics and physicality drawn out by Adrianne Presnell.

Physics and physicality drawn out by Adrianne Presnell.

“A Body at Rest” was written by Randall Kirby and illustrated by Adrianne Presnell. Randall makes sure readers know laws of physics can be used to describe more than staid examples in a Physics 101 course. Adrianne’s warm, unique illustration style shows what happens when two lovers are subject to physical laws and unspoken emotions. Physics nerds can keep pace with formulas dotted throughout the comic, but no knowledge of hard science is necessary to enjoy this tale.

This wild ride was illustrated by Jay O'Leary.

This wild ride was illustrated by Jay O’Leary.

“The Life and Times of Ballistic Man” was written by Flexo Bender and illustrated by Jay O’Leary. Light on words, Flexo let his story play out in the intricate and wild art attributed to Jay. A man’s life flies by in five pages and readers are there for every moment of it.

Delicate penmanship and sweets by Sarah Ragan Olson.

Delicate penmanship and sweets by Sarah Ragan Olson.

“Requiem for the Gingerbread Man” was written by Heidi Coon and illustrated by Sarah Ragan Olson. Heidi puts a new spin on an old fairy tale and crafts a different past for a man made of dough. Sarah displays the tale with a crafty, light-hued art style. A classic story gets reworked and comes out dirtier.

Dark, rich panels by John "J.T." Millstead.

Dark, rich panels by John “J.T.” Millstead.

“Tomorrow” was written by Jared Dawson and illustrated by John “J.T.” Millstead. The protagonist struggles with something most of us do: procrastination. But Jared encourages us not to put off our dreams for another day while J.T. demonstrates the dangers of waiting and the hope in moving forward in his dark and detailed panels.

Come nab your own copy of 6×6:Momentum on September 25th and meet the fine, Idaho-based creators behind all these stories. For more info on the event, RSVP on Facebook here and please share with friends and family who dig sequential, visual storytelling.

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