Month: October 2013

Writing Prompt #9 – Dishonest Narrator

Half-truths.  Twisted realities.  Hedges on facts.  Good old-fashioned lies.

As a truth-teller (most of the time, though if I were a liar, how would you know…) I find my writing reflecting my own personal notions of honesty when it comes … read more

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Hard-shelled Crab

Oh, you hard-shelled crab.

This twelve books, twelve first drafts in twelve months thing that I’ve been posting about?  That?  Well, it’s not panning out.  I suppose it could happen.  I could get a strong drive to punch out the … read more

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Writing Prompt #8 – Your Face On A Cake

Yes, I’ve been gone for over a year.

But I’m back.  And I’m ready to give you guys something to write about.

And as a heads up, please note that I have my own website at You’ll find info … read more

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