My name is Erica Crockett and this is my bio.  I’m a writer, traveler and all around joyful human.  It’s a curious thing, those definitions of self.  Let’s break down the three monikers to give you an idea of who I am.

Writer:  I’m not a typewriter aficionado, so pardon my ignorance in naming the thing, but I got my start on a powder blue electric typewriter at the family dining room table when I was eight.  I henpecked out the tribulations of a young elephant struggling to save his rainforest home.  I knew it meant something; the rough draft took up several loose leaf wide-ruled pages and the type copy smelled like ink and White-out.  Love, it was.  Then it was on to poetry in a maroon journal.  I wrote about those typical adolescent companions: confusion and angst.  The stories carried me all the way to Boise State University where I received a BA in Philosophy, Linguistics and Creative Writing.  I was lucky enough to have some excellent teachers that were adept at modeling the finicky tricks of literary fiction, both in execution and enjoyment.  Then came the years of self-doubt when it came to my worth as a writer.  I got over it.

Today I write on an five-year-old HP laptop and my written kiddos keep me busy.  I still adore literary fiction and focus my efforts in that regard on short stories.  I’m six deep in novels: my first is awaiting editing, the second is off to the proofreader, the following four are part of a series that will eventually be a full dozen in count.  I tend towards high concept with my novels but still love creative diction and quirky characters.  But for me, that plot, sometimes that gambit, reigns paramount.  Comic scripts are super swell and I have the good fortune to work with some excellent artists that know their way around panels.  I like my blogs to recall events on my writer path but I especially like to write humorously and that’s when Ecro takes over my fingers and makes me type about things like an octopus named Mittens or attaching special gifts to books from a neighborhood lending library.  Listen, I’m basically a writing ‘wildcard’.  There’s no divining what story will come next, what format it will take.  But I can guarantee I aim to entertain.

Traveler:  My mother likes to tell the story of my first trip to Oregon.  Five minutes on the interstate and I was crying, pleading to go back home.  I was homesick all ready, you see.  Then there was the peculiar notion I maintained throughout my early childhood, that all places of interest were in Idaho.  When we visited our family in Utah, I still believed we were in the Gem State.  The real doozie was me thinking the lit cross on top of a plateau over-looking Boise was the real deal, the place where Jesus made his sacrifice.  Yep, Idaho was the epicenter of life.  Not so much anymore.  While I feel lucky calling Boise home, I’m happiest traveling internationally as much as I can.  I’ve been to 24 countries and I’m aiming to hit at least 100, if not more.  I’ve jumped ship in Nicaragua, been chased by Egyptian police, climbed a volcano in Bali.  As much as I like the vivid experiences of travel, I like the quiet scenes as well: talking with street food vendors, watching local dance, playing with those wild children that run free everywhere but in America.  Travel has been a personal passion for years but now I want to share what I know of backpacking and budget travel with you, dear reader.

joyful human

My pretentious “looking-to-the-future” image o’ me.

Joyful Human:  I think of the three titles I’ve adopted, ‘joyful human’ is my favorite.  It sums up the rest of me, the parts that aren’t always evident in my writing or traveling.  The joyful part is pretty representative of my personality.  The human part is there to convey that I’m just a regular ol’ gal and will always put my humanity before my work.  Before I got cheeky and brave and chose writing as my primary paramour, I dabbled in various jobs: book schlepper, urban farmer, ESL and GED teacher, marketing agent for organic food products, gold miner.  Some of these jobs, like the mining of gold, I still keep up with from time to time.  I like to spend my time on writing and travel, but I like people even more.  Cherishing and maintaining my friendships and connections with family keep me lively.  I’m a bon vivant of positive social experiences.  I revel in the success and glee of others.  I enjoy good music, putting my hands in soil, and cuddling fluffy animals.  I also believe in interdependence, laughing, and fashionable clothing.  Plus, I have a thing for aged meats.

Want to know other stuff?  May I refer you to my Contact page?