When America is forced to deal with the fallout of its War on Drugs, the country is left without access to the pharmaceuticals it depends on for survival. A group held together by a woman with a martyr complex tries to stay alive and avoid the allure of illicit drugs, crime, and chaos.

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Final Version of The Ram cover, low dpiThe Ram: Cycle 1 of The Blood Zodiac

Peach Barrow is desperate to change the course of her life; she’s willing to do anything to become a woman of power, spirit and control. Riley Wanner is just trying to keep his life together. After an accident leaves him doubting his career, relationships with women and his addictions, he’s uncertain where to turn next. Both of them narrow in on a stripper at a local club. And their attention spirals into events tainted with ritual, violence, sex and conquest.

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Final Version of The Bull cover, low dpiThe Bull: Cycle 2 of The Blood Zodiac

The jig is up. Peach can no longer mask her true intentions while Riley searches for more than just shallow experiences. Both plunge deeper into what makes them tick: love, power, death. A new sacrifice and new twists on set rituals await Peach. Riley struggles to understand why he’s being taunted by a mysterious stranger. But will he grasp the rules of the game before Peach destroys another pawn on the board?

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the twins, the blood zodiac, Erica Crockett, occult suspense, serial killer thrillerThe Twins: Cycle 3 of The Blood Zodiac


Coming Spring 2017!


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humor books, adult picture books, weeds, funny fictionWhat Weeds Are Thinking

Bawdy, irreverent and weird. When you give common weeds a sopabox, they give you a piece of their minds. An adult, humorous illustrated book.


Summer 2017