The Ram

serial killer thriller, occult suspense, blood zodiac, erica crockett, the ramThe Ram: Cycle 1 of The Blood Zodiac

What if the question, “What’s your sign?” could get you killed?

Myth, murder and mayhem rule in this psychological, paranormal serial killer thriller. The occult suspense series begins!

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The days of Aries have arrived.

The first message is a belated birthday card. Riley Wanner ignores the strange missive from an unknown sender, instead focusing on his unraveling life. An accident has him questioning his work, relationships with women, and sordid addictions. He obsesses over a stripper to escape his miserable circumstances. But the unsettling notes keep coming. 

Fate plays out in the stars overhead.

Peach Barrow yearns to lead a life of ritual and spirit. Stunted by self-doubt and her past, she struggles to create a new personality. An intriguing woman invades her thoughts, inspiring Peach to take daring action to change her life. However, her transformation will be anything but easy.

Hidden connections simmer under lifetimes of lies.

The woman they crave is one and the same. As they vie for her attention, their hometown erupts with bizarre events, strange signs and spontaneous mayhem. There is no telling who will win when the game is just beginning.

Some must die in order for others to thrive.

Praise for The Ram:

The Ram is one of those books that will have you skipping meals to find out what happens next.  An expertly plotted and addictive character driven work of art. Take notice, people…Erica Crockett has arrived!” – David Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Fifth Dimension Comics

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