The Twins

the twins, the blood zodiac, occult suspense, serial killer thrillerThe Twins: Cycle 3 of The Blood Zodiac

What if the question, “What’s your sign?” could get you killed?

Myth, murder and mayhem rule in this psychological, paranormal serial killer thriller. The occult suspense series continues!

The Twins: Coming Spring 2017




The days of Gemini sow confusion.

Her last sacrifice did not go quietly. Looking to the future, Peach seeks out an easier kill while settling into a new version of self: emboldened, capable and dangerous. This target might not be who Peach thinks she is.

What they think they know, they do not.

He’s tired of playing the bumbling fool. Riley dares to figure out his stalker’s perilous game. As he digs deeper, he develops a theory—his friends and family may be in jeopardy. And they could end up more than damaged. If he fails to keep them safe, Riley might slide off the precipice with them.

Communication breaks down.

Peach and Riley both have to-do lists. But they whittle them down in very different ways. Riley must communicate the danger his friends are in without scaring them off. Peach’s path is narrower. She needs to deal with just one person while working hard to please the masters of Gemini and keep her deadly machinations a secret. Who will fail and who will succeed?

Grave mistakes cannot be unmade.

Praise for The Twins:

“With time we realize a larger force is at work, thrusting Riley and Peach against one another.  I have the sense that Erica Crockett is being used in the same way to channel a story much bigger than herself, that the story is telling itself through her, propelling her words deliberately towards a destined and inevitable outcome.” – Jon Keithley, author of Shivertown

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