The Bull

the bull, occult suspense, serial killer thriller, fiction, erica crockett

The Bull: Cycle 2 of The Blood Zodiac

What if the question, “What’s your sign?” could get you killed?

Myth, murder and mayhem rule in this psychological, paranormal serial killer thriller. The occult suspense series continues!



The days of Taurus bring blood.

A violent victory arrives under unexpected circumstances. Peach takes her first sacrifice and blossoms from the experience. Her work during the cycle of Aries grants her energy she’s never felt before. Bolstered by the success of her rituals, she’s anxious to push onward. She affixes a bull’s-eye firmly to a new sacrifice: someone marked by signs hidden to others, but alluring and significant to Peach.

Wanton goals multiply: sex, greed, manipulation.

Riley feels exposed and lonely. Smug in his conquest of Nell, his actions don’t satiate the void in his heart or ease the pain in his mangled foot. He seeks out a past love while stewing over his growing financial concerns and his resistance to work. The strange cards keep coming. Now, there are gifts as well. He grows bold and dares to seek out information on what might be driving his stalker’s tormenting actions.

Wealth comes in many forms.

Both Peach and Riley seek fortune. Riley plots to acquire an unearned inheritance while Peach desires riches of a decidedly spiritual bent. If she can convince her sacred target of her interest in all that glitters, then she might come away with something better than gold: a windfall of power.

For one death is never enough.

Praise for The Bull:

“Erica Crockett burst onto the literary scene in 2014 with her debut psychological suspense novel, Chemicals. Now she is quick to follow up with an episodic serial tour de force worthy of True Crime, proving she is also on her way to establishing herself as a master of the thriller genre. It’s hard to believe that such an accomplished talent is only just getting started.” – Vincent Zandri, NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author of Everything Burns and The Remains

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