Month: August 2015

Boise Library Comic Con August 29th!

Boise Library Comic Con

The 3rd annual Boise Library Comic Con drops on August 29th! Be amazed and titillated and make your way down to the library that’s perpetually surprised (with that exclamation!) to get your fill of all things comic in Idaho.

I’ll … read more

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Anti-vaxxers Still a Thing…

anti-vaxxers, vaccines, immunizations

Aren’t anti-vaxxers, like, so 2008?

I know they are still a loud, obstinate-in-the-face-of-overwhelming-evidence-to-the-contrary group. But anti-vaxxers must be a gaining adherents because a billboard campaign in my hometown has taken over the skylines above Boise buildings. Signs designate those who … read more

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Should We Stockpile Medications?

medications, survial drugs

The situation I describe in my first novel, Chemicals, is nothing short of a “pharmaceutical apocalypse.” Drug cartel terrorists hit Big Pharma where it hurts: their medicine production and storage sites. This is a total wiping out of medicine for

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